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's? unions taking on the nation's largest employers, is this big labor flip about to send prices that we're paying rocketing higher? >> l is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. bass pro shops has great gift ideas at huge savings during our cyber week sale at check in every day for amazing web buster specials. plus, get free shipping on orders of $75 or more. >> hi, everyone, we're live from america's news headquarters, i'm jamie colby. we have news after tragic accident out of miami this morning. a double-decker bus hit an overpass at miami international airport, killing at least one person, injuring more than two dozen. an airport spokesperson says the bus was a cruise or tour bus of some sort and going about 20 miles per hour when it clipped the roof entrance. more info as we get it. developing this hour overseas, massive rallies planned in egypt today. all in supports of president morsi. and islamic backers and sweeping new hours draftin
union squares in size. so, if you open the union square, you stick four of those next to each other, that's how much open space is being provided. all around the waterfront, every edge of the pier will be provided direct maritime use, fire boats, ferry, a docking facility, the water taxi, and human-powered launch, craft launch area to the south. we are situated in a very interesting location. in some ways, more integrated to public transport than even at&t park. as the transbay terminal is finished, you'll see here that it's equidistant to many of the facilities being planned there. about seven ways to get to the site. * in addition to cars which are obviously are hoping will not occur. there are a number of public transpour venues we are designing this project around. we are providing bicycle routes and pedestrian routes entirely around the perimeter of the building. open access to the core of the pier. exit ways that distribute people over a wide range of areas after an event occurs. and as you can see here, we're pulling the entries and exits very far back from the embarcadaro wh
and right to protect marriage as a union of one man and one woman. we hope the supreme court will follow the precedent and respect the wishes of the representatives of the officials in congress. >> they did not say which of the ten same sex marriage cases on its docket it plans to take up. that news could come as early osmond. but whichever cases it chooses legal experts say this supreme court term is likely to have a profound influence on the future of same sex marriage. chip reed, cbs news the supreme court. >> a federal judge is considering whether to block california law banning conversion therapy aimed a making a guy minor become straight. she spends to issue a written ruling next week. the law takes affect january first. opponents who filed the lawsuit say the been a infringes on parents rights to provide psychological care for their children. >>> no sign of a breakthrough in efforts to avert the so called fiscal cliff. president obama took his case on the road today. he told people at a toy factory in pennsylvania he will insist on keeping tax rates where they are for middle incom
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by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their expertise in global finance to guide you through the business strategies and opportunities of international commerce. we put our extended global network to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles. presented by kcet los angeles. - hi, neighbour! wanna play in the block corner at school with me? and then we're going to miss elaina's house for backwards day. i'm so glad you're coming too. i'll be right backwards-- i mean back. is made possible in part by... the richard king mellon foundation. dedicated for over sixty years to south western pennsylvania's quality of life, and competitive future. and by these pittsburg foundations. working together to enhance and enrich the lives of children for more than seventy-five years. and by the arthur vining davis foundations. dedicated to strengthening america's future through
after filing for bankruptcy .. its bakers union went on strike.. in earlier negotiations, the union had already taken pay cuts to help the company.. now hostess says, the incentive pay is needed to retain high -level officials during the bankruptcy process. in other hostess news.. the company is also in talks with 110- potential buyers ... all willing to pay top dollar for some of the company's product lines, which include twinkies, ho- hos and ding- dongs. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. oh, it's great!
hoping one day to become a member of the european union, the past is still there to haunt it. former political prisoners are fighting a bitter battle for compensation, but not even hunger strikes seem likely to convince the current government. >> we go to the site of the hunger strike. the word "democracy" is still written on the wall. strikers refused food for weeks, and then police came and took away their water and medicine. this is where one strikers set himself on fire. the man did not survive. he was recently buried. >> the hunger strike was the result of 21 years of humiliation and discrimination of former political prisoners in this country. we are walking corpses. our bodies are alive, but our spirits have died. >> all their energy goes into the fight. many are mental rex, dependent on drugs or alcohol -- many are mental wrecks. the solidarity within the group is all they have left. that is why the group has gathered at the court to show support for one of their number who is charged with organizing the hunger strike. the judges limousines are parked in front of the building
to give a jolt to the soviet union. >> stephen: we were going to nuke the moon and we didn't! (laughter) this is earth-shattering news. when it should have been moon shattering news. clearly this, this moment is when america stepped back from greatness. oh, let's see, what's the best way to send the rescu rescue-- russ keyes a message. a tense u.s. security council meeting, no, you light up the goddamn moon way nuclear haloso bright kruschev can read pravda at midnight. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: oh, and what milk toast nancy pants pussied out on our nuclear lunar program? eisenhower. sure, ike beat the nazis but what about the moon nazies? oh, they don't exist? that's just what moon hitler wants you to believe. instead, instead we chose lunar appeasement. and it is just emboldened the moon. i swear last week that thing was half the size. this nation, i say this nation must nuke the moon before it can acquire nuclear weapons of its own. and don't think it isn't trying because we know it is teamed up with fundamentalist islam. (laughter) folks, if you ask me, you shouldn't be aski
to understand it. i wish i could one day. inshallah. >> the european union spends more than a third of its budget on agricultural subsidies. part of that is used to guarantee a stable income for dairy farmers, even when a lot more milk is produced than the market demands. this also makes eu dairy products artificially cheap when sold abroad. a fact that is currently worrying people in colombia. their government has just signed a new trade agreement with the eu, easing the sale of colombian products in europe, but also allowing cheap eu dairy products onto their supermarket shelves.we look at both sides of the deal. it's been raining for weeks in the highland plateau of bogota. at an altitude of nearly 3,000 meters, the air is thin here. blanca mireya tends to her two cows every morning . they give a total of 10 liters of milk a day. this is the only source of income for blanca and her sister lucy to support their family of four. >> with what we make, we buy coal for heating, for example. my sister buys her clothes and food -- basically everything. >> they earn around 40 cents per liter. th
. is this political suicide for republicans? who would really pay the political price before the state of the union and on into the spring if they don't have a deal? >> republicans. i think matt lewis and his column got it right. they would pay the price. what they are saying is because we want to protect -- and it's more complex than this. but it would be framed as we want to protect the tax rates for the top 2%. we're willing to go off the cliff for that. i don't think there's a way you can spin it effectively enough that you end up winning the public relations war. that's why you're going to get some form of deal before the cliff is hit. it might not encompass all this stuff, but they will come to the table. >> the discharge petition, nancy pelosi is going to be taking a petition around to every house member and saying, are you with us or not on this? this is theater right here. >> sure. >> will she get the signatures? >> that's a great question. we'll see. but this is part of a broader effort by democrats. the reason they put out that offer to boehner, the timothy geithner offer -- >> do they h
. now all 800 members of their union are on strike. but 10,000 other dock workers are refusing to cross the picket line. that has brought the normally busy port to a new stand still. geraldine knatz directs the port of los angeles. >> there's probably about a billion dollars worth of goods that come through this port everyday and we probably got about 900,000 or so people in the southland whose jobs are tied to the activity going through this port. >> reporter: the ports are clogged with 16 ships waiting to be unloaded. another six are anchored off the coast. >> if the ships are not working, the truckers are not working, the warehouse people are not working. it will ripple through the supply chain. >> reporter: it doesn't take much of a delay to cause problems for people. >> no. a very short delay will -- can mean that stores may not get a shipment the day that they expect it for their sale. >> reporter: the striking workers handle all the paperwork that gets cargo from the port to the rest of the country. they earn an average of $85,000 a year, but say their jobs-- most of which are do
now, the president and inspector general of amtrak and the united transportation union testified before congress. they discussed recovering $20 million in overpayments and the company's restructuring plan. from the house transportation and infrastructure committee. this is about two hours. >> good morning. i would like to call this hearing of the house transportation infrastructure committee to order. >> we are pleased to conduct this full committee oversight hearing on amtrak and today -- the title of today's hearing is getting back on track, a review of amtrak's structural reorganization. so welcome and we'll have -- we have one panel of witnesses today. and the order of business will be that i will start with an opening statement, provide some background, and will yield to mr. cummings this morning, and other members who wish to be heard, then we'll turn to our witnesses. we'll hear from all of them and then go to questions. pleased to welcome, again, everyone this morning. now, this is one of a number, we have actually held fourth in a series of full committee oversight heari
. they are asking for a union. they are forming their own independent union. >> this is very interesting. >> it's pretty exciting. >> it's a change of the times. it's one to follow. sarah jaffe, thank you for joining us tonight. >>> that's "the ed show" on this friday night. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. good evening, rachel. >> good evening, ed. have a great weekend, my friend. >> i will. you too. thank you. do you remember the color-coded alert system we used to have? remember that? tom ridge announced the exist tense of our national color-coded be afraid alert chart about a decade ago. we could tell at a glance how alert we were supposed to feel. and if you didn't feel like glancing at the be alert chart, at least a at the airport they would read periodic recorded statements over the intercom telling you out loud that today's threat level was orange. the threat level was always orange at the airport no matter what else was going on in the country. we don't do that anymore. we don't do that. we got rid of the chart thing last year and nobody complained. we also no longer have thi
the san ramon valley and dublin. also hayward and union city, down through castro valley, 280. redwood city. as you head further south from sunnyvale down through cupertino, some very light rain showers. this will be the order of the day. the on and off light rain showers. santa cruz mountains, los gatos. into the afternoon light rain to just dry skies until later on. and that's when the last very strong system comes our way with heavy rain, gusty winds and the potential for flooding. katie. >> thank you, lisa. >> flood warnings are in effect for sonoma county as the water levels in several rivers and creeks continue to rise. we are live in petaluma where willowbrook creek is a good example. k. he ra. >> katie, two days ago willowbrook creek was completely empty. yesterday it filled almost to its limit. it's happening all over sonoma county. rivers and creeks filling either to their limits or unfortunately in some cases over their limits. one man tells us he watched the banks of the russian river rise to 17 feet yesterday. he was packing his belongings. this morning he's planning to
and their own union. i don't know if they realize therare millions of unemployed workers out there. we'll debate it coming up. >>> is fracking the key to u.s. energy independence. a new study says absolutely not. is the controversial outlook right? we'll drill down on that one. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: first let's take a look at the day's maet headlines. stocks look exhausted after a week of fiscal cliff fueled volatility. the major indices swayed between positive and negative territory closing the day mixed. the dow eked out three points, three. while closing out the month of november down half a percent. >>> you know the global economy is in trouble when even taco bell and kfc have trouble making money, right? shares of their parent company yum! brands dove nearly 10% today. the company warned fourth quarter sales in china, their single best market, would likely slide. >>> u.s. consumer spending fell for the first time since may. the 0.2% decline in october partially being blamed on the impact of superstorm sandy. why not. >>> starting off tonight, taxes ar
a jolt to the soviet union so athe time, this didn't seem so outlandish. >> fire. >> just think of what a nuclear explosion would look like up there. the u.s. government once considered it. cnn has documents and interviewed the leader of a once secret air force project titled a study of lunar research flights, with a just as low brow nickname, project a-119. what was it really? >> to evaluate the value of putting a small, emphasize small in this world anyhow, nuclear explosion on the moon. >> reporter: physicist leonard rifle, now 85 years old, led the project in 1958. it was the height of the cold war. america and the soviet union were in a nuclear arms race. the soviets 4 h just launched the first satellite, sputnik, and were ahead in the space race. u.s. officials needed a big splash. >> in comparison, the united states feared -- was feared to be looking puny, so this was a concept to sort of reassure people that the united states could maintain a mutually assured deterrence and therefore avoid any huge conflagration on earth. >> reporter: according to rifle's declassified report on
union that has gone in and led them to do this. this is very grass roots. isn't it? >> this is very grass roots. it's led by a community group. this is the workers deciding what they wanted by themselves. they're asking for a union. they're forming their own independent union across the fast food franchises in the city. >> this is pretty interesting. >> it's pretty exciting. >> it's a change of the times. they're speaking up. it's one to follow. sarah jaffe, thank you for joining us tonight. appreciate it. >>> that's "the ed show" on this friday night. i'm ed schultz. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. good evening, rachel. >> good evening, ed. have a great weekend, my friend. >> i will. you too. thank you. >>> thanks to you at home for being with us on this fine friday night. do you remember the color-coded alert system we used to have? remember that? tom ridge announced the exist existence of our national color-coded be afraid alert chart about a decade ago. in march 2002 so we could tell at a glance how alert we were supposed to feel. and if you didn't feel like glancing
than just roofless capitalism strong labor unions of course tax rates of the top and then a second era of financial capitalism, deregulation and capitalism and there's a widespread belief to talk to people. it explores the growth and the higher efficiency that must make everybody better off and it's not true. growth was slower in the second half and because the big instance stopped being spread to the general population or went to a handful of people at the top. the archetype is that they are actually setting it too low. it's not the 1 percent, it is the .1% for people that needed and in the earlier period, paul was absolutely right in the earlier period the quintile, every group in the population was growing but the bottom part was growing faster than the top. today it is not that way. gdp doesn't really give you a good measure of what is happening through the economy and the society. so, while that one-tenth of 1 percent has been doing very well, the median income is lower than it was a decade and a half ago. it is as low as it was two decades ago to go to the top. so, it's clear tha
conversation, and franklin came out close to tears and at that point elliott said, let's just go to union station, which is one of the only three people in town that would serve people of color in 1948. for he mat crystallizes why i enjoy studying law clerks. it's personalities, not only the justices and the clerk, clerks who have gone on to fame and fortune of their own. warren christopher, secretary of state, clerked for bill douglass. five law clerks who returned to the supreme court. i enjoy the stories as they shed light on these relationships. the stories shed light on the relationship between judicial attitudes and personalities and judicial behavior, and also because the supreme court clerkship is about, number one, when it comes to internships in this done there, and in 1998, when i was in graduate school, thinking about a clerk, i read a series of articles written by tony mauro about the law clerks -- the supreme court justices' law clerks hiring practice, and when the justices were not hiring very many women and were not hiring people of color. and those issues also important b
strong the coalition is. you have the american civil liberties union. you get people from across the political spectrum in people that might otherwise be suing each other. there is apple. microsoft. at&t. but in the large companies are behind this. i think it has a lot of energy behind it. the bill coming out of committee is good, strong, bipartisan support and will strengthen the effort. i agree that there needs to be more discussion of this legislation. there needs to be hearings early next year. i think we have a good starting point. >> konrad motyka, how often in your job do you use the e-mails surges are cell phone searches -- searches or the cell phone searches? >> i am primarily in narcotics. i've not made the use of that as a tool in that particular arina. i do not want to put myself out there that uses it all the time. by could address what was said earlier. more concerns were brought to the debate fairly late. there is a bipartisan consensus to take a look at this and address it. i hope some of the law enforcement concerns will be taken into account. it does seem that t
from union square, the venue has been in existence since 2009 and since then, they've been operating it with a basement space of about 4500 square foot which consisted of two dance floors and a third floor which is about a thousand square feet which had a third dance floor, so two floors and three dance floors. musically, their format has been predominantly hip hop and top 40, once we take possession of the space, our plan is to close down for a period of likely a couple of months and what we plan to do is we do not plan to take over the third floor at all, that's going to be leased out to a clothing tailor, we're going to limit our operation tos the basement level with one dance floor, we're taking a space from two floors, three dance floors to one floor which is the basement with one dance floor. so, we're decreasing the size of the space, therefore, we're decreasing the occupancy load by about 50 patrons. we'll also musically, we'll be playing predominantly down tempo music, eclectic jazz, rock, remixes, driven by mostly dj's but also one to three piece bands. we'll be spending a
after filing for bankruptcy. after is bakers' union went on strike. in earlier negotiations, the union had already taken pay cuts to help the company. now hostess says, the incentive pay is needed to retain high-level officials on the bankruptcy process. the company is also in talks with more than 100 potential buyers. all willing to pay top dollars for some of the company's popular products. no word from the supreme court on whether it will review the legality of same- sex marriage in california. the high court will not make any announcement until monday at the earliest. support to first of prop. 8 appealed to the supreme court after more course from the voter approved ban unconstitutional. if if the court decides not to hear the case, same-sex marriages will resume in california but, if the court decides to hear the case arguments would take next spring. the court also has the option of the lane weather also. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend. police are investigating after a while the venture capitalists is killed in monterrey sa reno. we will bring you that story next. [ male ann
in any state in the union. >> bills to change the law to make it harder for american citizens to vote, those were alec bills. bills to dramatically change the rights of americans who were killed or injured by corporations, those were alec bills. bills to make it harder for unions to do their work were alec bills. bills to basically block climate change agreements, those were alec bills. when i looked at them, i was really shocked. i didn't know how incredibly extensive and deep and far-reaching this effort to rework our laws was. >> she and her team began to plow through alec documents, as well as public sources, to compile a list of the organizations and people who were or had been alec members. they found hundreds of corporations, from coca-cola and koch industries to exxon mobil, pfizer, and wal-mart, dozens of right-wing think tanks and foundations, two dozen corporate law firms and lobbying firms, and some thousand state legislators, a few of them democrats, the majority of them republican. >> alec is a corporate dating service for lonely legislators and corporate special interes
that one. no more twinkies, but, yes, the company was locked in a strike with its bakers union over contract terms that have been set. the ceo said if you don't come back to work, guess what, we'll have to close down and the workers actually called his bluff. they didn't come back and we saw what happened, the company move under to liquidation. >> after we read the story about the closure, i went out looking for twinkies at three stores, no where. i'm not paying 60 bucks a box. the transition was rough, 18,000 workers laid off, but we heard executives are going to get their bonuses. >> of course, they are. but not as simple as the headline reads. also called retention pay. kind of creative there. hostess is paying its executives to stay and help the company through the liquidation. and they have to meet certain benchmarks. they need people who have been running the place, of course, to help sell the company. which means we could, once again, see the twinkies in the lunch boxes. you never know. a girl can dream. you never had a twinkie? >> i never had a twinkie. you have had a twinki
? >> guest: only 36. he had been the union's youngest general at the age of 23. in any case, no one could understand how he and all of the men with him five companies of cavalry had been wiped out by people that they regarded as primitive savages. at the time, people were no longer thinking about indians as important enemies of the united states. they felt, and they were historically right, of course, that the struggle for possession of the continent had long been settled, and this was just a kind mopping up operation. no one had the slightest expectation that custer and his force would be wiped out or defeated, for that matter. c-span: how many men did he have that were killed that day? >> guest: the total killed was 265, certainly a very small number when you think of civil war battles. just one of the points that i make in the book how astounding it is that this battle has lived on in our national consciousness when relatively few people were involved in it. c-span: what time of day did the battle occur? >> guest: probably in the early afternoon. it's rather hard to get a definite fix
as recognition of the newly formed union. $8 an hour is the current rate. fast food workers are also literally the lowest paid category of employees in the country. we know that building sufficient labor powers in those air why is of service economy where job creation is strongest, retail, home care, is one of the key areas to reduce the economy >>> speaking of building economy, baseball and the american labor movement have lost marvin mill herb the legendary economist and baseball player's union leader died this week at 95. he was chosen as head of the players un none why 1956, fresh from a job with the united steel workers of america. he set aside with relationships with management. players were owned almost like thorough bread horses and had no ability to solicit bids from other teams i i had the pleasure of interviewing him. he described it as unionism was treason. for very well think people that owned franchises, baseball was a respite of the tension and problems elsewhere. here he could control everything. no grievance procedure, no salary arbitration, no nothing. miller changed all that
. boulevard. just south of paris, union city this river is swelling just south of half a word-the century crown fall forcing the ground water into the river and finally in danville along the 680 evidenc of water. look at all of that water sycamore. looking for roche's thousands of gallons per minute flowing through sycamore creek. previous storm totals have wiped out the soil. water had been rising in previous storms the flood control project is holding up well at least for right now grant lodes, kron 4. >> >> p.g. and e has a new tool that should help crews repair downed lines and the resulting power outages. the utility deployed one of four new mobile command vehicles in response to it's storm efforts in santa cruz county. the vehicles provide valuable information to emergency crews in the field and are loaded with equipment like generators, satellite phones, laptops and radios connect with police, fire and the highway patrol. >> this vehicle would be able to come on site and provide your staff with energy, resources and the ability to communicate with the pg&e office and to communic
it couldn't settle a strike with its bakers union. 18,000 jobs were lost. the company's top executives will get bonus totaling almost $2 million as the company liquidates. >>> scientists in the east bay are now part of a national effort to develop advanced low cost batteries that can make electric cars more affordable. the lawrence berkeley lab will be backed up by up to $120 million in federal funding over the next five years. >> you have to be in this game. if you say no, there is a chance i'm going to fail, therefore we'll let japan, korea, germany, china, you name it, own this space, then we will have failed. >> this new effort is part of president obama's energy strategy to reduce america's reliance on foreign oil. >>> well, you have heard about the freshman 15. how about the google 15? >> they were putting on weight from the access to the foods, the free food and all of or cafes and microkitchens. >> tonight how tech workers are losing weight with a traffic light system. >> meteorologist paul deanno in the weather center. we had fat rainfall totals in the bay area over the past 2
the union. will was so great about the great compromise? >> well most people would say they have only a vague recollection from high school. there was a crisis in 1850. the nature of the crisis was this. the country went to the brink of the civil war. most of the political culture and most americans thought the war was great to take place but the deep south was going to succeed and they were closer to the secession than most americans today even realize. certainly the deep south state. texas was arming other southern states were sending. had there been a collision with began in 1850 wouldn't have begun in charleston would have begun in santa fe mexico y? because texas did its own imperial ambitions to move westward supported by the slave holding south and to invade the new mexico territory. there were many other parts of the crisis with or not the last would be free. in 1850 the south was mother eternized, southern nationalism was at the peak. jefferson davis in 1850 said if the southern confederacy was to be formed now it was ready to accept the presidency of its. the north on the ot
liberties union. chris, good afternoon to you. first of all, let me get your response to that new study commissioned by california senator dianne feinstein. >> well, it confirms what we have known for a long time, which is that there is enough space, there is enough facilities in the united states to bring people from guantanamo here to be tried before regular federal criminal courts, courts that have had over 400 convictions of people tried and convicted for terrorism-related offenses. big-time -- big-time terrorism defendants who are convicted and are serving serious times. those people can be held securely here after trial, if they're convicted. and there is plenty of room for them in the federal criminal system. and that gao study confirmed that. >> is the opposition to this point, is the opposition primarily because such a move would be unprecedented? >> well, i think this whole opposition seems to have gotten out of control. i think senator rand paul did a very -- a republican, a tea party republican did a very good job of responding to that crazy bastards comment. because what he
at a toy factory, met with small business owners, middle-class taxpayers, labor union leaders, two groups of business executives on the cliff, but has not met with the republicans with whom he has to deal in order to cut a deal. up next, the house passes legislation to provide visas to emigrants with advanced degrees. cries of racism from one democrat. we will take it up in the "lou dobbs forum." republicans leading the way on immigration reform. we will take that up as well. on our way to this break, here is our list of the folks the president should also consider meeting with on the fiscal cliff. ♪ lou: in "lou dobbs forum" we will talk about illegal immigration and efforts to change our immigration laws. the house today passed the so-called stem jobs act that would provide 55,000 permanent residency visas to foreign students with advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. the republican measure drew fire from democrats, some democrats, some going so far as to level the measure racist. >> that is racist if not in its intent then certainly in its effect. rep
rodriguez. i represent local 4 83, fire sprinkling union, i'm also a resident and native of san francisco. if this project goes forward it would create a lot of work for our members. in addition, i would say like mike said. this project would be part of the transbay district. it would generate fees for the transbay terminal. it fits the needs of the community. it's a good fit. it's a good project. and we would hope that you would move along -- move the project forward. thank you. >> thank you. >>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is mark shelly, i'm a business representative for district council 16, glazers local 17. this project as you could tell is going to be very good to the skyline in adding features to it and it will be a lot of work for our members and our contractors. please consider it. thank you. >> thank you. >>> [speaker not understood], with san francisco tomorrow. a commendable worthy design, well thought out project. the issue i wish to raise is environmental quality. that not to add to the developer's cost which is commendable, but that the city share an impact requi
carefully, the european union did this, at least there's movement in that direction, the united states has not yet done this. so, the law that currently regulates chemicals was passed two years after i was born and i'm sorry but i think a lot has changed in the world about what we know about chemicals and what chemicals are used in the duration of most of my lifetime so we could change the laws so that new knowledge is integrated in how we screen chemicals for safety. today we think about 84 thousand chemicals are out there and about 1 thousand more are added each year and most of these, we don't have any human health data for, 90%, no human health data at all and hundreds of these are in our bodies, we know from studies, so we need to pass comprehensive legislation, a couple of weeks ago, tony testified in front of the environment and public works committee on why we need to pass and get the safe cosmetics out there on the floor of that senate, he did a fantastic job and i stole this off the video which is archiving, you can watch it, and this act would call for quick action on the chemic
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to unionize. >>> check out other top cnn trends, head to >>> when he joined the galaxy more than five years ago, david beckham sent the mls into another stratus fear. later today beckham will play the last game for the galaxy. more on beckham's impact on soccer right here in the u.s. >> randi, when beckham started playing soccer in america in 2007, only four stadiums, including home depot behind me that were dedicated only to soccer. soon, there will be 15. the mls says the beckham experiment worked. from the second he arrived in america, he was now final hours with the l.a. galaxy david beckham got people talking about major league soccer in both the united states and he says overseas. >> interesting if that's why i am in this league then great. hopefully it's in a great position now to continue to grow. the american soccer league struggling with help from a super star. >> why don't we try to sign david beckham and here we are five and a half years later and that experience with david far exceeded the expectations that we had when we sat in that meeting in 2006. >> reporter
secretary treasurer of the office and travel)!:::op employees union, y wolfer in the mid-1980's. that evolved into pride at work, an lgbt labor associated affiliated with afl-cio and howard served as vice president until before his death. howard is preceded in death by his parents and his older brother john of denver. he is survived by his sister barbara, nieces linda, gwen, the social movements that he led and those that continue to howard was that unique individual that remained true to his beliefs throughout his life. and i think that those of us who know him can fairly say that he certainly made the world ah nj better place, and the world was extremely lucky that he was a part of it. and for those of us who had the opportunity to have him in our lives, we are eternally grateful. there will be(n% ]$÷ a memorian january 6 at iowu local 34 next to the giants ballpark from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. and we will have figures like dolores huerta and others who will be there to honor howard's life. its is with great sadness we announce his passing and respectfully ask that we adjourn tod
for 15 years. she is very passionate about student rights and organized the black student union at both balboa and mission high schools. she is a true leader of our community having been a vocal advocate for residents of holly court and plaza east. she has been a strong voice for residents and was recurrently elected president of the plaza east tenant association. it is with pleasure that i say congratulations to you and wanted to mention that ms. hollands is a minister in training. so that being said, if you'd all like to say a few words about your work, that would be great. >> i want to suably say thank you and i really appreciate it. i work for the san francisco housing authority. i'm a eligibility worker at the robert pace development. been a team effort. for the last three or four months really appreciate your help over there because you came down there, you walked around, you see that the tenants met with everybody and it really encouraged people and being an opportunity for jobs is like -- it's awesome. the tenants are happy. we have opportunities for families to have, you know,
2, the hotel and restaurant workers union and worked at the fairmont hotel, and also at the st. francis hotel and ended her career at the bakery. she is preceded in death by her husband who served three years in the coast guard and 30 in the navy. fay will be missed by her two sisters in michigan plus many her neez live niece lives in -- memorial services were held on november 17. ms. bingham will be greatly missed. thank you to debby, from human services network for alerting us to the passing of ms. bingham. also i have a couple of other wanted to say that coming up on the imperative agenda is a resolution in support of small business saturday which is the saturday two days after thanksgiving. and the resolution -- the imperative agenda resolution declares november 24, 2012 the citizen after thanksgiving holiday as small business holiday to celebrate increasing awareness of locally owned small business in san francisco. small businesses have less than 100 employees represent 98% of employ approximately 50% of employees in the private sector. small businesses also contribute to
want to say the carpenters union are in favor of this project for the following reasons. we believe that these proposed arena is [speaker not understood] for the city and san francisco. because it will generate revenue and will create 3600 local constituent jobs and thousands of permanent jobs. and you were talking about sports also. san francisco has had great success with [speaker not understood]. notably hosting the world cup and [speaker not understood] generated by [speaker not understood]. that's going to happen also with the warriors arena. it's going to generate a lot of money. similar to [speaker not understood], the proposed arena is indicated an area easily accessible by public transit. we hear about the bart [speaker not understood] and now we hear the water taxis. we were talking about traffic [speaker not understood]. we believe that [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood]. so, we ask you, please, move forward with the e-i-r. thank you. >> thank you, mr. sanchez, and thank you to the members of the carpenters who are here. before our next speaker, i'm going
they need are not the big public employee union leaders who constantly try to flex their muscle or the big corporation leaders. it is the people who sent them to represent them. and we get past this when elected officials sit down and start listening to the people who work in schools, the kids come in the other people in their district. they are just not doing that. as a result, there is no question why we are seeing small business suffer and why we are, again, for the second year in a row, the shame of the country where he shold be. >> earlier this week about the california -- real estate seem to be percolating, things were coming together. is that not so? >> it's not so. we represent around 20,000 members of small business here. 350,000 nationwide. across the nation, but the best content especially here in california. no hope or certainty. that optimism continues to plummet. so we are finding the mom-and-pop stores -- especially during the holiday season -- with a lk of will. it's a very cruel way for the legislature and elected officials who continue to spend and not spent responsibly.
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